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Retinyl Acetate

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Vitamin A acetate 325 CWS/A, also called Retinyl acetate, CAS Number‎: 127-47-9 , Chemical formula‎: C22H32O2, Solubility in cold water‎. manufacturing process of Vitamin A acetate is by chemical synthesize.

Chemical Name: [(2E,4E,6E,8E)-3,7-dimethyl-9-(2,6,6-trimethylcyclohexen-1-yl)nona-2,4,6,8-tetraenyl] acetate

Quality standard: USP, FCC, Ph. Eur,Kosher and Halal. Appearance:light yellow granular powder.

Chemical structure:Vitamin A acetate chemical structure

Dry Vitamin A Acetate 325 CWS/A is dry, cold-water dispersible version of Vitamin A that is based on gum acacia. This product is stabilized with tocopherol. It is recommended application and use for general food preparation including infant nutrition. This product is animal ingredient free, allergen free, and GMO-free.

Stabilized with tocopherol.Beadlet, cold water dispersible.Based on gum acacia. 325,000 IU Vitamin A/g. 97.5 mg Retinol Equivalents/g.

Mainly have below types in the market:

SN Chemical Name CAS No.
1   Vitamin A Acetate 325  SD CWS-A Food Grade
2   Vitamin A Acetate 325  SD CWS-S Food Grade
3   Vitamin A Acetate 500,000 IU/G Granular Powder  Feed Grade
4   Vitamin A Acetate 500,000 IU/G Granular Powder  Food /Pharma Grade
5   Vitamin A Acetate 500  SD CWS-A Food Grade
6   Vitamin A Acetate 500  SD CWS-S Food Grade
7   Vitamin A Acetate 650,000 IU/G Granular Powder  Feed Grade
8   Vitamin A Acetate 2.5 M IU/G Oil  Food Grade
9   Vitamin A Acetate 2.8 M IU/G Cystalline  Food /Pharma Grade
10   Vitamin A Acetate 250 CWS-A Food Grade
11   Vitamin A Acetate 250 CWS-S Food Grade
12   Vitamin A Acetate 250 SD CWS-A Food Grade
13   Vitamin A Acetate 250 SD CWS-S Food Grade
14   Vitamin A Acetate 325 CWS-A Food Grade
15   Vitamin A Acetate 325 CWS-F Food Grade
16   Vitamin A Acetate 325 CWS-S Food Grade
17   Vitamin A Acetate 325 DC Food Grade
18   Vitamin A Acetate 500 CWS-A Food Grade
19   Vitamin A Acetate 500 CWS-S Food Grade
20   Vitamin A Acetate 500 DC Food Grade
21   Vitamin A Palmitate 1.0 M IU/G Oil Food Grade 43119-47-7
22   Vitamin A Palmitate 1.7 M IU/G Cystal  Food / Pharma Grade
23   Vitamin A Palmitate 250 DC BHT Stab.
24   Vitamin A Palmitate 250 DC TOC. STAB.
25   Vitamin A Palmitate 250 SD CWS-A BHT STAB.
26   Vitamin A Palmitate 250 SD CWS-A TOC. STAB.
27   Vitamin A Palmitate 250 SD CWS-S BHT STAB.
28   Vitamin A Palmitate 250 SD CWS-S TOC. STAB.
29   Vitamin A Palmitate 250  CWS-A Toc
30   Vitamin A Palmitate 250  CWS-S BHT STAB.
31   Vitamin A Palmitate 250  CWS-S Toc. STAB.
32   Vitamin A Palmitate 500 DC
33   Vitamin A Palmitate 500 SD CWS-A
34   Vitamin A Palmitate 500 SD CWS-S
35   Vitamin A Palmitate 500  CWS-A
36   Vitamin A Palmitate 500  CWS-S
37   Vitamin AD3 ( 1000,000/200,000) IU/G Granular Powder Feed Grade


Retinyl acetate Specification

Items Standards
Appearance Pale yellow to yellow flowing powder
Heavy Metal ≤10ppm
Lead ≤2ppm
Arsenic ≤1ppm
Vitamin A Acetate Content ≥500,000iu/g
Total Plate Count ≤1000cfu/g
Yeast & Mould ≤100cfu/g
E.Coli Negative/10g

Yamei doesn’t manufacture Retinyl acetate but we have good relationship with China  manufacturers. Our supplier can provide HAPPC, KOSHER, HALAL Certificates for this product. If you want to buy learn more this product, you can send us inquiry. We always have this product in stock, we can guarantee delivery in 2 week after the order confirmation. but if your order is too big, it would be take more times. MOQ is 500kg.

  • vitamin A acetate is widely used as nutritional supplement in food and beverage industries. food grade vitamin A acetate is available as fine powder(>99% purity).

Storage: vitamin A acetate should be Kept in dry, cool place.
Handling Precaution: Handling of vitamin A acetate should only be performed by personnel trained and familiar with handling of organic chemicals. Avoid skin and eye contact and breathing in dust. Avoid handling which leads to dust formation.

Side Effect of Vitamin Ad3

Vitamin Ad3 is considered safe by FDA according to existing data and granted GRAS status.

No significant side effects reported.

Application and Uses of Vitamin Ad3

Vitamin Ad3 is a mixture of vitamin A and vitamin D3 with ratio range from 10:1 to 3:1, widely used as nutrition supplements in food and beverage industries. As a nutrition supplements, Vitamin Ad3 can be used in a wide variety of industries including: food production, beverage, pharmaceutical, agriculture/animal feed, and various other industries.

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