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300 mesh, food sweetener

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e951 aspartame super fine powderAspartame Super Fine Powder is a white crystalline fine powder. The quality of our Aspartame Super Fine Powder is same to Nutrasweet Aspartame powder.

It is manufactured from Rotary air dryer. Super Fine Powder used wildly in powder drink, as its fine powder characteristic it can provide sweet constantly. Aslo can be used in soft drink.

Aspartame Super Fine Powder can be used as liquid sweetener, it can be suspension sweetener, can keep the aspartame shelf life long.

We have a wide range of grades for Aspartame. All Aspartame are GMO free, BSE free, longer shelf life, sugar-free, and low calorie. Aspartame Super Fine Powder is used in beverages, dry mixes, dairy, suspension liquid sweetener and confectionery products.