Yamei and Aspartame

Our company: Yamei, Aspartame manufacturer in China since 1998; quality complies with FCC,USP-NF,BP and EP; certificated with BRC, ISO, Kosher and Halal. Own manufacturing products Aspartame powder, Aspartame Granular, Aspartame Fine Granular, Aspartame UFG, Aspartame HDP and Aspartame Super Fine Powder. Our sales cover more than 50 countries and is stable increasing.

Why use Aspartame: Of all the low calorie sweeteners, aspartame tastes most like sugar. Because it tastes so good, aspartame has been one of the key drivers in the growth of low calorie foods and beverages around the world.

Aspartame market: 1. the global consumption of aspartame is around 28000 MT/Year and is stable. The use takes around 70% in beverage (soft drink), powder drink and confectionary. 2. Artificial sweetener Sucralose and Natural sweeteners can take small part of Aspartame market.