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Yamei and Aspartame

Yamei manufacture Aspartame since 1998 in China, quality complies with FCC,USP-NF,BP and EP, supplying Aspartame powder, Granular, Fine Granular, UFG, HDP and Super Fine Powder. Aspartame used wildly in food and drink as a low calorie artificial sweetener, also in pharmaceutical industry. Our sales channel covers more than 50 countries. Clients reckon Yamei aspartame brand as their first choice as Yamei not only provide Aspartame, but share sweet life with the world.

Aspartame, Cas number 22839-47-0, E951, was approved by FDA in 1951, but still have safety and cancer controversy and its side effects. As a low calorie artificial sweetener, Aspartame is also compared with Sucralose, Sucralose is more stable and safe, plus the price of Sucralose is dropping, so many clients turn to buy Sucralose to replace Aspartame.